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A dream everyone dreams is a dream no longer.

Let's write the "history" of the 21st century – together!

This website is dedicated to people who has a vision of our next 50 to 100 years and beyond, and would like to share such vision with others, like minded or not. Imagine yourself being a 22nd century historian writing the history of the 21st century. What would you write?

Humanity is at a crossroad. Our hands can make anything and our feet can walk anywhere, but our eyes are blind, our ears do not listen, our minds are closed and our hearts are cold. So our hands create misery and our feet walk us to the edge of the cliff.

We all have sweet dreams and we all have nightmares. By sharing our dreams, we will make them our future, and our children's and grandchildren's future. By sharing our nightmares, we may save ourselves from ever having to live through them.

Open our minds and our hearts, see our future, make our future, and walk our future.

To create a page, please enter your topic at the box at the top right of the page and click "Go".

When posting articles to WikiCrystalBall, please

  1. use a narrative tone as in history books, not SciFi;
  2. give dates and locations – they are not predictions, they are your dreams;
  3. respect others' dreams and share by adding to them;
  4. do not destroy others dreams by adversely changing them – if you don't share the same dream, make your own;
  5. use parenthesis to distinguish your dreams (e.g. "Climate Change (a global disaster)" and "Climate Change (what climate change?)");
  6. welcome differences and keep debates within the discussion forum;
  7. do not use languages that are offensive or may inspire hatred – they have no part in our future;
  8. do not infringe others' rights, such as intellectual properties and privacy.

Let's dream now!

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